About Us

MyCosmeticLaser.com is the industry’s leading whole-seller of refurbished aesthetic laser machines and equipment. We have assisted thousands physicians and med-spa owners across the globe. Our integrity based reputation is the reason our success is so great and continues to grow. Our goal with our clients isn’t to assist you in one quick transaction, we are here for a long term relationship. 

Over the years, the availability for aftermarket aesthetic laser machines and equipment has significantly increased. Brand new equipment sold by manufactures requires not only a substantial capital investment, but annual service contracts as well. This puts stress on your desired profit margin and overhead expenses, which leads to owners struggling to find room for a profit. Refurbished aesthetic laser machines and equipment is the best alternative and method to not only guarantee the same results as new machines, but with more than enough room to produce a large amount of profit for the owner as well. 

As a result of the economies collapse, many physicians and med-spa’s that invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in brand new aesthetic laser machines are no longer in business. Most of this equipment has been repossessed by banks and is now available at a fraction of its original investment. 

MyCosmeticLaser.com is a wholesaler. We are not brokers. We own all of the aesthetic laser equipment we have in inventory. As a wholesaler, we have what you want available in our warehouse and can ship immediately. Not only do we know exactly the condition of all of our inventory, but we do a 50 point diagnostic test on all machines before being shipped out to assure our 90 day service warranty. 

MyCosmeticLaser.com is New York City based cosmetic and medical laser maintenance and repair service provider. LaserTech provides ideal solutions for the physicians, aestheticians and medspa owners who regularly use laser-based medical and cosmetic lasers.